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Monday, July 9, 2007

The Silcox Update (July 9, 2007)

Hello family and friends,

We realize that we are long overdue in sending out an update, but we are thrilled to report that we are doing much better than anyone ever expected. Out of the recent events, the actual stay in the hospital was by far the most difficult part… twenty-one days surrounded by the same four walls and performing the same routine everyday became a little repetitive and monotonous. Now, 100 days post-transplant, life is by no means monotonous, as summer is now in full swing. We find ourselves chasing boys, riding bikes, practicing T-ball, discovering the joys of a baby girl, and avoiding the North Carolina heat at the swimming pool. Oh yah, and I also work! I work in the orthodontic department at UNC as a part-time faculty in the graduate and undergraduate clinics and assist in teaching courses. I am also able to work as a clinical associate in two private orthodontic practices and have been busy publishing my research. With all of this going on, I still have energy! Perhaps too much energy— Quinn and I are currently training for a half-marathon to take place in August, I mountain bike at least once a week, help coach two T-ball teams, and now I think I will take on the task of remodeling our kitchen! I am definitely enjoying my new blood (thanks again to my sister, Jadi!) and it has not been the typical recovery, but Quinn reminds me that most things I do are not typical! Tess continues to be the sweetest baby ever, complete with constant smiles. I think she knew she had to be on her best behavior to come to us at this time and she has been nothing but an angel.

For the 100 days following my transplant, I made my appearance in the bone marrow clinic 2 times a week to get my blood drawn, cell counts checked, and most importantly, to chat with my doctors and the nursing staff about whatever was good for a laugh that day. My doctors have been wonderful and we feel so grateful to have been here to receive such good care. I have been dubbed the “all-star of the transplant clinic” by my doctors because I have felt so well and my counts have been so strong following the transplant. I guess everyone has to be an all-star in something, and thankfully I am a pro at transplants! I will now see my doctors much less frequently and life will continue to move on.

Speaking of moving on…the criteria that Quinn and I set as an indicator of when we would be ready to move from North Carolina was when my health was stable and we could start a new chapter in our lives. We feel that time is quickly approaching. Quinn and I recently celebrated our ten-year wedding aniversary. It is great to look back at what we have accomplished and even greater to anticipate the wonderful things the future holds for us. We are anxiously pursuing job options that will bring us closer to our family and allow us to set down some serious roots! Again, we find ourselves in fortunate circumstances and blessed beyond our expectations.

We hope that this letter finds you and your family well and happy. For the past few months, I think people haven’t wanted to “bother” us, but please, we would love to hear from any of you.

Thank you again for your friendship, kindness and prayers!
Jon, Quinn, Tate, Cale & Tess