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Friday, September 19, 2008

One more story...

I do have more than one child, but Cale has had the funniest stories as of late. So the other day I'm talking and having a wonderful conversation with Jon's sister on the phone for half an hour. While I'm talking I'm looking for my cell phone which I assume Tess has hidden. The last time she had it she put it in Tate's back pack. And then what do I do...I call it to try to find it. Tate's teacher confiscated it and turned it off. I'm sure she really appreciated that and is wondering what we are thinking sending our first grader to school with a cell phone. But after four days of being lost--I found it in the furthest recesses of furniture with a small pile of toys. Thank you Tess! When I finished my conversation I realized that it had been way too long since I was interrupted and that the house was way too quiet even with Tess sleeping. Cale had gone over to the neighbors without asking or telling me where he was going. I went over and got him and our walk home was filled with concern about where he might have been. I carried him to his room and told him he needed to stay there and think a bit of how worried I might be if I couldn't find him and how he needs to remember to ask me when he wants to go next door. Shutting the door seems to add the final insult and now he is just wailing in his room. I have a remarkable ability to tune things out. Try to have a conversation with me while I'm reading a book and you'll understand. I am using some of these "skills" till I realize that he's not just crying he's screaming/sobbing something. I think he realizes that if he is just crying or whining about his plight he'll be in his room quite awhile. However, I realize that he's not whining at all but screaming at the very top of his lungs in between his sobs "I WUV YOU MOM!" even louder "I WUV YOU MOM!!" Now how on earth can I ignore that. I didn't realize a new tactic to get out of a punishment would be to tell me that they love me. But apparently, I'm a sucker and it seems to be pretty effective!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Captain Cale

So, Cale has really had me laughing these days. He is such a funny chap and a lot of the time he doesn't even know it. This morning I am attempting to clean the house and I'm thinking a few tunes will really help me to get the job done. I'm thinking maybe some "Dancing Queen" by ABBA or maybe a little Jack Johnson. Really the possibilities are endless. As I start getting into my dancing/cleaning mode Cale is telling me I have to take turns. "You pick a song, then I pick a song." Cale is our most musical kid--except when it comes to singing in church with the primary. He walks up the the front of the chapel with all the kids, gets right in the front, folds his arms and scowls the entire time. Never once opens his mouth or smiles. Anyway, he does have some musical talent. I'm hoping to harness that into a musical instrument (singing certainly doesn't seem to be his thing) and not just that he is amazing at an ipod. But, he has an uncanny way of remembering things with songs. He had only seen Star Wars once, but when Jon was whistling part of the sound track Cale said "That's when Luke leaves his home." He was right. So anyway, I ask him what song he wants. I'm thinking he'll want Star Wars, or Hot dog, hot dog, hot diggity dog, or This little light of mine...something along those lines. He says "Fire Horsey." I could not horsey? Sure enough--Jungle Love by Steve Miller Band. Imagine the cover of the album and you will agree, Fire horsey is a good descriptor.

Three quick one liners...

Cale got in a little scuff with a neighbor boy and it ended by the neighbor telling Cale he didn't want to be friends anymore. He came in crying and heart broken, but after we talked about it a little he got up, grabbed two light sabers and started wielding them in all directions and said "That's ok Mom. When he dos that I will show him my powerful tricks!"

The other morning I found Cale distraught on the floor crying. I asked him what was wrong. He replied, "I can't find any short-sleeve pants!" (shorts)

This morning he was walking outside and I asked him "How come you are so handsome and sweet?" He turned around, but his hands on his hips, broke out a huge smile and said "Jesus made me to."

Dance Dance Revolution

Sometimes I feel like I haven't quite made it to the 21st century. My capabilities in anything technical always seem to be lagging behind and I have a very special talent of breaking things when all I did was press a button. If you think I'm joking all you have to do is ask Jon. I do think when printers or computers are being sarcastic it would just feel great to throw them outside and take a hammer to them. But this post is not at all about my computer difficulties--rather my lack of skills in the video game department. I have not been sold on the virtues of video games so we don't have anything at the house, and for fun before Tate went back on track I thought they would love a trip to Nickelcade (a cheap arcade in Utah). Before going to Nickelcade I had one introduction with Dance Dance Revolution. I saw it at my cousins house and watched a few people play it before I did for about two minutes and then we had to go. It was just enough to get the concept of the game.

So back to Nickelcade. I am taking the boys because I thought THEY would love it. As we are perusing the aisles seeing what video games they have my eye catches the dance dance revolution machine. It is a Wednesday morning and there is no one there but us. I must say that I did do my job of helping my kids, but it all came down to DDR! Now before I even stepped onto the machine, I thought I would be pretty good. After all, I do consider myself a pretty coordinated person and I danced a lot growing up. In front of me I could see all my fame and glory as I rocked the dance floor. I had a clue that this was not quite my generation thing when I noticed a sign attached to the game that said there would be repercussions for playing songs with offensive lyrics and language. I thought...isn't that nice for kids and things. Then I looked at the play list. I started to feel a little old and out of things. I didn't recognize a single song!! How was I to know if I was going to pick the most offensive song on the list! I chose the song "Psalm Pilot" only because there are psalms in the bible. I start on the novice level. Not a problem. DDR here I come! Next--the easy level. In my mind I thought "I'm going to master this thing in no time." It starts and all of a sudden there are arrows flying in every direction. Some at the same the same time and even three all at once. I am giving it 100% of my concentration and effort. I have arms flaying this direction--then that. My feet are trying so hard to get to where my eyes see that they should be. I get behind and then I frantically try to catch up somewhere. I'm jumping sideways then forward. I just about fall to the ground trying to step on all the right arrows. Finally it is over. I think...maybe I just need to do it again. I'm sure I'll catch on quickly. I sign myself up for more punishment and was just about as pitiful as the first time around. I am starting to sweat. Surely I can't be this bad. Where did all of my coordination go? By this time my children are calling and I can ignore them no longer. I'm at the ticket stand helping Tate and Cale choose what toys they want for 25 tickets. Of course they are choosing the toys that require 135 tickets. We finally made all our choices and they seemed thrilled with their chinese yo-yos and spider rings when a teeny-bopper comes in with a special set of shoes. I watch her and she goes straight to the DDR machine. I have a feeling as she is lacing up her shoes that my confidence in my coordination is going to take another hit. She puts in her 20 cents and chooses all of her songs/options etc. in 2 seconds and chooses the hardest level. I thought "there's no way." I didn't know arrows could move that fast--let alone feet. She was every direction all at the same time. How can anyone even process information that fast. She absolutely smoked it! It isn't like I'm my grandma. I am only 32--is that so old?? So, the bottom line is I loved it. My only tip is go on a Wednesday morning when you know no one will be there and see if you can rock the dance floor and make all your dreams come true!!